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   We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
 ~quote about Dancing by Japanese Proverb

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   To kill a man is not to defend a doctrine, but to kill a man.
 ~quotes on War by Michael Servetus

   Love is much nicer to be in than an automobile accident, a tight girdle, a higher tax bracket or a holding pattern over Philadelphia
 ~sayings on Valentine's Day by Judith Viorst, Redbook, 1975

   Friends are God's way of taking care of us. If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend
 ~quotations on Friends by Stone Temple Pilots

   the silence that guards the tomb does not reveal God's secret in the obscurity of the coffin, and the rustling of the branches whose roots suck the body's elements do not tell the mysteries of the grave, by the agonized sighs of my heart announce to the living the drama which love, beauty, and death have performed
 ~funny saying about girl by Kahlil Gibran

   You are educatedYour certification is in your degreeYou may think of it as the ticket to the good lifeLet me ask you to think of an alternativeThink of it as your ticket to change the world
 ~saying about girl by Tom Brokaw

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   A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after.
 ~quote about Driving by Peter De Vries

   It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home.
 ~quotes on Human Rights by Carl T. Rowan

   If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater... suggest that he wear a tail.
 ~sayings on Dogs by Fran Lebowitz

   I'm a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being... by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.
 ~quotations on Homosexuality by Paul Newman

   A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.
 ~funny saying about girl by Doug Larson

   Enthusiasm moves the world.
 ~saying about girl by Arthur James Balfour

   The truth is more important than the facts.
 ~quote about Honesty by Frank Lloyd Wright

   A poet's work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep.
 ~quotes on Poetry by Salman Rushdie

   To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.
 ~sayings on Helping by Confucius

   Good manners can replace morals. It may be years before anyone knows if what you are doing is right. But if what you are doing is nice, it will be immediately evident.
 ~quotations on Manners by P.J. O'Rourke

   It is a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it.
 ~funny saying about girl by W.H. Auden

   Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.
 ~saying about girl by Author Unknown

   Wisdom outweighs any wealth.
 ~quote about Wisdom by Sophocles

   If love can't cure it, nurses can.
 ~quotes on Nurses by Author Unknown

   Clio may be the most austere and chaste of the Muses, but she has been known to come down informally from Mount Helicon in a mood so raffish that there are those who claim to have seen her with her slip showing.
 ~sayings on History by Willis Thornton, Fable, Fact and History

   Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen carefully.
 ~quotations on Self-Discovery by Littlefoot's mother, Land Before Time

   We do survive every moment, after all, except the last one.
 ~funny saying about girl by John Updike

   The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck!
 ~saying about girl by Author Unknown

   Golf is life. If you can't take golf, you can't take life.
 ~quote about Golf by Author Unknown

   The charm of baseball is that, dull as it may be on the field, it is endlessly fascinating as a rehash.
 ~quotes on Baseball by Jim Murray

   Enduring habits I hate.... Yes, at the very bottom of my soul I feel grateful to all my misery and bouts of sickness and everything about me that is imperfect, because this sort of thing leaves me with a hundred backdoors through which I can escape from e
 ~sayings on Adversity by Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, 1882

   Weave in faith and God will find the thread.
 ~quotations on Faith by Author Unknown

   Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
 ~funny saying about girl by Ann Landers

   I know of no way in which a man can be more innocently employed than in making money.
 ~saying about girl by Bishop Talbu

   God forbid that any book should be banned. The practice is as indefensible as infanticide.
 ~quote about Censorship by Rebecca West

   The past is strapped to our backs. We do not have to see it; we can always feel it.
 ~quotes on Past by Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

   It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.
 ~sayings on Sleep by John Steinbeck

   New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common.
 ~quotations on Conformity by John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

   When you can't do something truly useful, you tend to vent the pent up energy in something useless but available, like snappy dressing.
 ~funny saying about girl by Lois McMaster Bujold

   It sometimes happens, even in the best of families, that a baby is born. This is not necessarily cause for alarm. The important thing is to keep your wits about you and borrow some money.
 ~saying about girl by Elinor Goulding Smith

   It's hard enough to be taken seriously in the struggle for gay rights without having a bunch of straight girls running around kissing each other to get the attention of boys and videocameras.
 ~quote about Homosexuality by M. Robin D'Antan, 2002

   It is the safest of times, it is the riskiest of times.... What the Dickens is going on here?
 ~quotes on Earth Day by Denton Morrison, on chemicals, technology, and risk, quoted in National Academy of Sciences, Improv

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