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   Invest a few moments in thinking. It will pay good interest.
 ~quote about Thinking by Author Unknown

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   Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money.
 ~quotes on Society by Author Unknown

   Troubles are a lot like people - they grow bigger if you nurse them.
 ~sayings on Worry by Author Unknown

   Journalists aren't supposed to praise things. It's a violation of work rules almost as serious as buying drinks with our own money or absolving the CIA of something.
 ~quotations on Media Journalism by P.J. O'Rourke

   Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse.
 ~sports motivational quotes by Thomas Szasz, The Second Sin

   Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink too much. Then again, don't drink too little.
 ~saying about sports by Herman Jackrabbit Smith-Johannsen

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   Partake of love as a temperate man partakes of wine; do not become intoxicated
 ~quote about Love Quotes by Alfred de Musset

   Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
 ~quotes on Learning by Chinese Proverb

   Buy what thou hast no Need of and ere long thou shalt sell thy Necessaries.
 ~sayings on Debt by Benjamin Franklin

   Man is not like other animals in the ways that are really significant: animals have instincts, we have taxes.
 ~quotations on Taxes by Erving Goffman

   Why should moral distinction be made between death by the spirochete and death by the streptococcus?
 ~sports motivational quotes by Martin H. Fischer

   When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.
 ~saying about sports by George Pataki

   God was just showing off when he created you.
 ~quote about Compliments by From the movie Keeping the Faith

   There may be liberty and justice for all, but there are tax breaks only for some.
 ~quotes on Taxes by Martin A. Sullivan

   Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.
 ~sayings on Places by Truman Capote

   I don't create poetry, I create myself, for me my poems are a way to me.
 ~quotations on Poetry by Edith Södergran

   This strange disease of modern life, with its sick hurry, its divided aims.
 ~sports motivational quotes by Matthew Arnold

   Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.
 ~saying about sports by Doug Larson

   It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
 ~quote about Imagination by Henry David Thoreau

   Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.
 ~quotes on Worry by Benjamin Franklin

   I think that there is nothing, not even crime, more opposed to poetry, to philosophy, ay, to life itself than this incessant business.
 ~sayings on Business by Henry David Thoreau

   Mind is everything. Muscle - pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind.
 ~quotations on Attitude by Paavo Nurmi

   Over second and third cups flow matters of high finance, high state, common gossip and low comedy. [Coffee] is a social binder, a warmer of tongues, a soberer of minds, a stimulant of wit, a foiler of sleep if you want it so. From roadside mugs to the classic demi-tasse, it is the perfect democrat.
 ~sports motivational quotes by Author Unknown

   There comes a time when a woman needs to stop thinking about her looks and focus her energies on raising her children. This time comes at the moment of conception. A child needs a role model, not a supermodel.
 ~saying about sports by Astrid Alauda, on the hot mom trend

   I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way.
 ~quote about Grammar by Mark Twain

   The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention
 ~quotes on Thank You. by Oscar Wilde

   Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds.
 ~sayings on Prejudice by Albert Einstein

   By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.
 ~quotations on Jobs by Robert Frost

   A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.
 ~sports motivational quotes by Benny Green

   None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free
 ~saying about sports by Johann Wolfgang

   We can’t choose our relatives, but we can choose our thoughts which influence us much more.
 ~quote about Maturing Altruistically by

   Moonlight is sculpture.
 ~quotes on Light by Nathaniel Hawthorne

   You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.
 ~sayings on Nature by Hal Borland, Sundial of the Seasons, 1964

   How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved
 ~quotations on Love Quotes by Sigmund Freud

   Do you know why grandchildren are always so full of energy? They suck it out of their grandparents
 ~sports motivational quotes by Gene Perret

   We thought we were running away from the grown-ups, and now we're the grown-ups.
 ~saying about sports by Margaret Atwood

   How can angels fall asleep when the devil leaves his porch light on?
 ~quote about Angels by Author Unknown

   We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence, Grandmother was that person to me.
 ~quotes on Grandparents by Phyllis Theroux

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